Biotechnological Solutions in
Plant Breeding


TarLab Biyoteknoloji was established in 2019 with the support of TÜBİTAK – 1512 Technology Venture Capital Support and conducts intensive R&D activities in the field of plant biotechnology.

Our work focuses on the integration of modern biotechnological methods (such as plant tissue culture and doubled-haploid techniques, marker-assisted selection) into plant breeding processes, aiming to produce 100% homozygous parental lines in a shorter time frame and at a lower cost compared to traditional methods.

Traditional breeding methods can take 10-20 years due to reasons such as backcrossing, seasonal barriers, and the need to work with excessive material, and achieving 100% homozygosity in resulting plants may not always be feasible, leading to genetic vulnerabilities and yield losses. These drawbacks can be easily overcome with the use of modern biotechnological methods.

Our Services

Our company provides R&D and consultancy services in breeding for seed companies in the field of plant biotechnology, leveraging its experienced team and laboratory infrastructure capable of employing modern biotechnological methods.

Technical Support

* Doubled-Haploid Plant Production * Marker-Assisted Selection (MAS)
* Micropropagation
* Speed Breeding
* Flow cytometry analysis


* "Sustainable Agriculture Technologies Platform (S-ATP) for Adapting to Global Climate Change in Turkish Agricultural Production" conducted under the TUBITAK 1004 Platform
* Double-haploid plant production via anther culture method" in rice (Oryza sativa L.) - Technopark Project


Consultancy Services

* Integration of modern biotechnological methods into breeding programs
- Project Management (Waterfall, Agile, Hybrid Life Cycles)
* University-Industry Relations

Prof. Ahu Altınkut Uncuoğlu, Co-founder
Prof. Yıldız Aydın, Co-founder
MSc. Y. Emre Aktaş, Technical Support
Dr. Ezgi Çabuk Şahin, Technical Support

Our Team